Luis Dias is a Colombian forward who plays for the English Premier League football club Liverpool Football Club. He joined Liverpool from FC Porto in the January 2022 transfer window. Luis Dias is known for his pace and goal-scoring ability. Instead of the usual lively excitement after scoring for the club at Luton on Sunday afternoon, he lifted up his shirt and wrote “Libertad Para Papa” in Spanish.

Díaz’s parents were kidnapped by the National Liberation Army (ELN) in their hometown of Barrancas on October 28. Pleading for the release of his father who was held at gunpoint. “Every second, every minute, our anxiety grew,” Dias said. “My mother, my brother and I felt hopeless, anxious, and there were no words to describe what we were feeling. It was only when we took him This pain will end when you go home.”

Luis Díaz thanked Colombians and the international community for their help and support. On the day of the abduction, Díaz’s parents were driving with a man on a motorcycle behind them.When the couple stopped at a gas station, they were accosted by the gunman. Diaz’s mother was left in the car but his father was dragged away as police surrounded him.

Diaz's performance that he has found temporary refuge on the pitch.

Diaz’s performance that he has found temporary refuge on the pitch.

Colombian Interior Minister Luis Fernando Velasco said the situation was “very serious” and violated a ceasefire agreement between the government and rebels in a conflict that has killed at least 450,000 people.

Jurgen Klopp, head coach of Premier League club Liverpool, said the football pitch is a “safe space” for his players and it was clear from Diaz’s performance that he has found temporary refuge on the pitch. Dias’ poignant celebration said it all. The cathartic celebration sent a strong message to his father’s captors.

Liverpool’s game against Luton Town, Klopp thought about what the Colombian has been through, especially as Dias’ father has not yet been released. But Dias was fully committed to the game and was able to use him as an ace when Liverpool struggled. Although they didn’t get the results they wanted. But at least a point was taken, putting the Reds third in the Premier League table.

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