football prediction_football score betting_Way-too-early Big Ten bowl projections and College Football Playoff predictions.

Here at Buckeyes Wire, we keep the tradition going and give you a look at where we think all the teams in the conference will end up as a part of a very early look at things for next season. We’ll reevaluate after each week during the season once the fall activity gets rolling.

But first things first, can either Ohio State or Michigan make the College Football Playoff again? Penn State seems to be a popular pick to challenge the Buckeyes and Wolverines for one of those spots. Where will the Nittany Lions be headed once all the dust settles on the season? What will Wisconsin, Purdue and Nebraska do with new coaches?

Keep in mind the scenarios are very complicated with bowl tie-ins and contractual preferences for teams that have not been involved in certain locations, so we do our best to track it all.Here’s how we see things playing out before spring ball gets going across the Big Ten.