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This one is going to be a no-brainer to start the season as the Crimson Tide roll right over Middle Tennessee in what will be one of the ugliest games of Week 1.

It will, however, be a good chance for Jalen Milroe to get accustomed as the new starter and gain some confidence before a tough non-conference test against Texas the following week.

Milroe, a Katy, Texas, native, will get a chance to face the school that every major recruiting expert thought he’d be playing for in college: Texas. It’ll be his first test as the new QB1 and it’ll be one of the more emotional games that he’ll play because he almost ended up with the Longhorns.

It’ll be a slow start for the offense as he shakes off some nerves, but he’ll catch fire in the second quarter and lead Alabama to a big home win over one of the best teams in the Big 12 — and soon to be an SEC foe.