football schedule_football score betting_SEC football schedule: Creating the perfect matchups for each team when Texas, Oklahoma join in 2024 season.

Now that we know Texas and Oklahoma will leave the Big 12 and join the SEC in 2024, not 2025 as it was originally announced, the issue of determining the league’s football schedule has become a bit more pressing. The SEC has been mulling different models ever since the move — which kicked off this most recent wave of conference realignment — was first announced in July of 2021. Commissioner Greg Sankey and the league office have been waiting to finalize the schedule, however, until after the conclusion of the Big 12’s negotiations with Texas and Oklahoma. 

How the league will approach its football schedule is expected to be one of the most pivotal issues at the conference’s upcoming spring meetings. Just don’t expect college football fans to wait until then to start imagining an SEC schedule with a whopping 16 teams, now featuring two of the sport’s iconic programs. 

During Monday’s episode of the Cover 3 Podcast, we put ourselves in the board room of the SEC league office to determine the perfect conference schedule with Texas and Oklahoma in the fold. Before we could start pairing permanent partners, we had to start with some ground rules — or, at least, agree upon the general scheduling format.